York Research Chairs Program expanding with competition this fall

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Launched in 2014, the York Research Chairs (YRC) Program has been developed as York University’s internal counterpart to the national Canada Research Chair (CRC) Program. The YRC Program recognizes outstanding researchers at York and is designed to build, support and intensify the world-renowned scholarship, research and creative activities at the University.

Over the first five-year cycle of the YRC program, four centrally supported Chairs were available per year. Beginning this fall, the program will be expanding with seven centrally supported Chairs available and there will also be up to two additional Chairs linked to the Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) Canada First Research Excellence Fund program. This expansion YRC program places particular emphasis on York’s outstanding emerging researchers who are within the first five years of their careers.

The move to create additional opportunities was sparked by an external review to assess the merits of the YRC Program that was conducted earlier this year. Based on the positive impacts of the YRC Program, the review fully supported the continuation of the Program, growth in the number of Chairs and continued efforts to balance the diversity of chairholders to reflect York’s research community.

Robert Haché
Robert Haché

“We are very pleased with the findings of the YRC Program Review Panel, their overwhelming support for this Program and suggestions for improvement,” said Robert Haché, vice-president Research & Innovation. “We are already moving forward with several key enhancements with the expanded fall competition.”

York Faculties are currently undergoing internal section processes for nominees to advance to the full competition this fall.

If you are interested in being nominated for a YRC, contact your Faculty Research Officer.

To learn more about the panel’s report and the YRC Program, visit the program website.