Business and Society student honoured with Mosaic Institute Award

The Mosaic Institute’s Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary was awarded to Faculty of Liberal Arts and  Professional Studies student Michelle Tracey N.O. Cobblah, who is majoring in Business and Society. The bursary provides $5,000 per year for four years of undergraduate studies, with a double disbursement of $10,000 in 2018.

Michelle Tracey N.O. Cobblah (left) receives the Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary from Reeta Roy, CEO and president of the Mastercard Foundation. The bursary was inspired by Roy’s late husband, Jim Muldoon, former vice-Chair of the Mosaic Institute.

A gala event set the stage for the award presentation by Reeta Roy, the CEO and president of the Mastercard Foundation. The foundation has committed more than US$2.1 billion to advance education and financial inclusion in Africa.

“The Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary was inspired by my husband, Jim Muldoon, and his belief that we need the energy, creativity and passion of young people in order to make the world a better place,” says Roy. “This bursary is intended to remove social and financial barriers that too often limit personal achievement.”

As part of the bursary application, applicants wrote an essay answering the question “how can I contribute to creating a world where we respect and cherish our differences?”

“This award is encouragement for me to continue advocating to dismantle prejudice and prejudgment and to show people how our differences can shape individual and collective prosperity,” says Cobblah. “Also, the award will help alleviate financial burden.”

Her award-winning essay, she adds, focused on how “the power of difference underscores the uniqueness of personalities.” Cobblah argued that “for peaceful co-existence, difference should be cherished and respected, and if each individual is an ambassador for this, peace will be achieved.”

The award is in honour of the late James P. Muldoon Jr., a former vice-Chair of the Board of the Mosaic Institute who was committed to dismantling prejudice and prejudgment and creating a world where differences are the source of individual and collective prosperity.

“I am delighted that our student was honoured with the Muldoon-Mosiac Bursary,” says Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. “Michelle articulates a view of difference that is at once poignant and immensely powerful. We strive to nurture such voices and deeply appreciate those who support us in this endeavour.”

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