Notice to faculty and staff: The bookstore needs your fall and fall/winter term textbook and course kit orders

York Keele campus bookstore
Bookstore entrance

The top priority at the York University Bookstore is to contribute to student success by having course materials in stock before the first day of classes. As September is only weeks away, please submit your textbook and course kit requests for fall 2018 and fall/winter 2018-19 courses as soon as possible to allow staff to provide the best service to you and to your students.

It is important to note that books from previous semesters are not normally retained. Notify staff of the fall requirements and we will either retain leftover books or reorder them. Books coming from overseas or the United States take longer to arrive, so it is even more important that we hear from you as soon as possible.

The York University Bookstore strives to become a leader in textbook affordability for students. By receiving your order early, staff are more likely to secure a larger number of used books, especially by buying back from York University students, and being able to include your books in the bookstore’s growing rental program.

Textbook orders can be sent to the bookstore buyers in person, via phone or email, or through the online ordering system accessed through the Faculty & Staff link available on the York University Bookstore website. For an online ordering password, faculty and staff can email The bookstore pages are updated to assist faculty and staff, including a list of subjects bought by the buyer. The buyers are standing by and ready to help.

Keele Campus textbook buyers

Four buyers are located at the York University Bookstore. Alan Madsen can be contacted at ext. 40730 or Pat Armour can be reached at ext. 20945 or Frank Ennis can be contacted at ext. 40701 or Gerard Stocker can be reached at ext. 20047 or

Glendon Campus textbook buyer

Gerard Stocker is located at the Keele Campus bookstore and on occasion at the Glendon Campus bookstore in Room A210 of York Hall. He can be contacted at ext. 20047 or

Course kits

To develop customized course kits, visit the Copyright Clearance Centre, located at 043 Central Square. (Come to Printing Services upstairs in Room 159 Central Square to be directed to the offices in the basement.)

For general information on course kits, phone ext. 22960. The course kits general email address is

For help and suggestions, Laura Deszpa, manager of business development and purchasing, will be available at ext. 22063 or