VPRI seeks community feedback on draft Strategic Research Plan

Research York University

This year, Vice-President Research & Innovation Robert Haché held a series of community consultations regarding a new Strategic Research Plan (SRP) for the University (2018 to 2023) that has been guided by a broadly constituted collegial SRP Advisory Committee.

Robert Haché

“The goals of the consultation process are to engage the York community in an open, collaborative and ongoing discussion about the University’s core research values to develop a plan that is meaningful to the community,” said Haché.

The latest phase of this ambitious project involves feedback from the York community. “I encourage the York University community to read this draft of the Strategic Research Plan and provide feedback,” said Haché.

Key differentiators from last plan

The new SRP has evolved from the current plan in a number of meaningful ways including:

  • Stronger focus on interdisciplinary work. Broad strokes approach rather than Faculty-Unit- or Organized-Research-Unit-specific lens;
  • Increased emphasis on partnered and community-engaged research;
  • Ambition for research achievement enhanced;
  • Stronger linkages to York’s University Academic Plan and current Strategic Mandate Agreement; and
  • Commitment to collating and articulating outputs of our scholarship more broadly.

Updated research opportunities

Research opportunities have also been updated from the last SRP, with two new opportunities within the five overall areas of research opportunity: Indigenous futurities and Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Society, while the three other areas of opportunity have evolved to reflect both progress and changes in the environment.

Research opportunities for next SRP:

  • Digital cultures;
  • Healthy individuals, health communities, and global health;
  • Indigenous futurities (new);
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Society (new); and
  • Public engagement for a just and sustainable world

To read the draft SRP, follow this hyperlink. To provide feedback, visit the feedback portal.

The next steps are visits to Faculty councils and an open forum with the community, both planned for March to April 2018. The plan is for release of the new SRP this spring.