Project Benchmark meetings scheduled for Jan. 29 and 30

York U
Vari Hall

In 2017, York University undertook Project Benchmark, an initiative to assist the University to gain a detailed understanding of how administrative services are currently delivered at York in support of teaching, research and the University Academic Plan.

The project provided the University with an opportunity to collaborate with other universities of similar scale and complexity and benchmark how we organize our professional services to support our academic mission.

Many of York University’s managers were actively involved in this project, responsible for collecting and reviewing data about the services and activities that support teaching and research across the University, including the location and cost of those services.

Primary contacts and respondents have been invited to attend one of four scheduled Town Hall meetings that will provide an opportunity for the Project Benchmark team to share the findings from the data collection, talk about next steps and provide an opportunity for questions. The first meeting was held on Jan. 16. There is another meeting set for Jan. 17.

For those who were unable to attend either of these meetings, new meetings have been arranged for:

  • Monday, Jan. 29, from 1:30 to 3pm at the Glendon campus,
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30, from 9 to 11am, in the Senate Chamber, N940, Ross Building.

The Project Benchmark team looks forward to sharing more information about this important initiative with you.