Partnership creates new pathway for international students graduating from J. Addison School

Partnership with J. Addison School
Partnership with J. Addison School

York University and the J. Addison School have partnered to create a pathway for international students graduating from the school who are choosing to attend the University. The partnership includes customized onsite recruitment sessions and English language testing and scholarships exclusively for J. Addison students, as well as a placement for a York student to intern at the school.

Image from left to right: Standing: Standing: Luyen Hoang, Business Manager J. Addison School, Kitty Sit, Director, J.Addison School, Isaac Garcia-Sitton, Director, YUELI, Mariya Yurukova, Senior Development Officer, LA&PS, Sitting: Teresa Wong, Director, J.Addison School, Lee Venditti, Principal, J.Addison School, Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, Dean LA&PS
Back row, from left: Luyen Hoang, business manager, J. Addison School; Kitty Sit, director, J.Addison School; Isaac Garcia-Sitton, director, international education, English Language Institute at York University; Mariya Yurukova, senior development officer, LA&PS. Front row, from left: Teresa Wong, director, J.Addison School; Lee Venditti, principal, J.Addison School; Ananya Mukherjee-Reed, dean, LA&PS.

The J. Addison School, led by York alumni Lee Venditti and Luyen Hoang, is the only private school in Markham, Ont. The school is located near the future site of the York University-Markham Centre Campus. Its emphasis on academic achievements along with community involvement sets a solid foundation for future York students.

“The J. Addison and York University partnership will provide our high school students with a challenging educational experience,” said Venditti, J. Addison principal. “This partnership offers all the key players in both institutions an opportunity to share expertise and resources that will make the transition to university and the working world a smoother and more meaningful experience.”

In addition to personalized recruitment sessions and onsite language testing, three J. Addison students will receive a $5,000 scholarship, in addition to other University entrance scholarships. Student Financial Aid is important to removing financial barriers for international students with outstanding academic achievements.

“York University is known for its flexibility and dedication to accommodating the many pathways students take in achieving their academic goals, and we’re happy to assist in the transition of J. Addison students into postsecondary education,” said Isaac Garcia-Sitton, director of international education and the English Language Institute for York University’s School of Continuing Studies.

The J. Addison School will also host a third-year York student for an internship at the school’s campus in Markham. This will provide an opportunity for York students to gain valuable hands-on learning experience while J. Addison students gain exposure to current university students.