Welcome to the new YFile website

Welcome to the new responsive YFile website. The new site debuts today in a format that seamlessly adapts to a variety of mobile platforms and browsers.

The new YFile website offers University community members an updated, modern look that includes a moving carousel of featured stories, highlighted events from York University’s new events calendar, social media features, and more. The very popular Scoop section profiling the accomplishments of faculty has been given a prominent place on the new website. There’s also a monthly story archive and an improved search function.

The previous YFile website has been archived and stories can be found at https://yfile.news.yorku.ca/. All stories since 2014 have been included in the new format YFile. Community members are asked to update any links appearing on their websites. If you require some assistance locating your material, please send an email to yfile@yorku.ca using the subject line Assistance.

This morning, YFile readers also received a redesigned email newsletter that links to the latest stories on the YFile news site. The email will be sent Monday to Thursday at 7:30am to all faculty and staff who are listed in York’s Atlas directory and to students who opt to subscribe to the email. The new email has also been optimized for a range of mobile platforms and email systems.

The email features all the items that have been posted in YFile since the last email went out. Stories from all sections are included in a clear and straightforward fashion, plus the newest York in the Media compilation and a list of Featured Events drawn from the events calendar. The email links to the YFile news website where there are more stories and features to explore.

And there’s more. On Friday, Jan. 6, the first special edition of a new research newsletter titled “Brainstorm” will be delivered by email. Brainstorm features in-depth feature stories on York U researchers and their discoveries.

Additional enhancements, including long format podcasts, a question of the week for the University community, and more, will be rolled out over the next few months.

Special thanks go to Susan Webb, York University’s chief communications and marketing officer, and Roderick Thornton, director of strategic communications, for their unwavering support.

YFile deputy editor Ashley Goodfellow-Craig, YFile copy editor Lindsay MacAdam and the staff in Marketing & Creative Services have been instrumental in making this new publication a reality.

A note of gratitude to Rod Potter, web developer in Integration, Design and Identity Services in University Information Technology, for his guidance and hard work. Without his efforts and wizardry behind the scenes, there would not be a YFile.

And finally, sincere thanks to our faithful readers for their support over the years. When it launched in 2002, YFile was the first “electronic” newsletter of its kind published by a Canadian university. Over the years, the publication has won many awards for excellence and this is a direct reflection of the dynamic York University community.

YFile staff would love to hear your comments and feedback. You can send them to yfile@yorku.ca. Please use the subject line Feedback.

Jenny Pitt-Clark
YFile editor