A message to the University community from Samina Sami, executive director of community safety

Campus walk at the Keele campus

The following is a message to the community from Samina Sami, executive director, Community Safety:

Recent reports of increased acts of intolerance and hate across North America can serve as a reminder to our community to continue to practice respect and embrace diversity. Our core values stand in stark contrast to statements or acts that malign individuals or groups or attempt to marginalize members of our community.

York University is committed to upholding and promoting the values of respect, equity, diversity and inclusion across our campuses. Hate propaganda causes harm to individuals and to society as a whole.

We, therefore, are deeply disturbed by reports that posters promoting intolerance have been sighted on our campus. The University has strict policies regarding posting of materials on campus and these policies are being enforced. The offensive posters have been removed where found. The Community Safety Department has reached out to the Toronto Police Service and has made them aware of this occurrence. Community Safety is also contacting the organizations responsible for the posters to require that they cease and desist their use of University property.

York University expects all community members to actively engage in our shared responsibility to protect the dignity and human rights of all individuals. We have zero tolerance for hate – and there is no place for it in our community.

Please report any instances of hate to the Community Safety team at 416-650-8000 or for urgent matters at 416 -736-5333.