Goose management program uses harmless blasts of sound

Between now and the end of November members of the community may hear occasional bursts of loud sounds similar to the sound of fireworks down by Stong Pond. These “pyrotechnics” will occur between 9am and 9pm, with a frequency of two to three times per week for no more than 10 minutes per session and are part of York University’s goose management program.

Trained professionals will launch the pyrotechnics from a pistol-shaped device to make noise that will discourage the goose settlements. This method is commonly used for managing the goose population and its application has been approved by Environment Canada for York University. No birds will be harmed by this strategy, it is simply a method to cause them to leave the site.

The intention is to maintain the population at a manageable level by creating an unwelcome environment. Overpopulation of the geese presents a health and safety concern for people, pets, other wildlife and causes damage to property. The intent is to maintain a safe environment for community members and wildlife.

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