Notice of electrical service interruption, Aug. 15

Please be advised that due to repairs required on both 13,800 volt high voltage circuits, both will need to be shut off at same time for contractor worker safety and campus electrical integrity.

Repairs will occur on Monday, Aug. 15 between 4 and 7am, resulting in no electrical power in the following buildings:

  • Osgoode (Hart/Hoover Houses)
  • (#380) Assiniboine 8
  • (#320) Assiniboine 2
  • (#340) Assinibione 4
  • (#360) Assiniboine 6
  • Fine Arts – Burton
  • Atkinson Residence
  • Vari Hall
  • HNES
  • Passy Garden Apartments
  • Atkinson New College
  • Accolade West

Those affected should note the following:

  • All employees are required to report to work for their normally scheduled hours on Monday, Aug. 15 regardless of the service completion time;
  • A contingency plan for employees should be in place in case work is not completed as anticipated; and
  • Consistent with standard protocol, a notification to Facility Managers will be forwarded once work is completed or work has been delayed.

Questions may be referred to Employee Relations.

All attempts to shorten the electrical outage will be made. Emergency generators will run in some buildings maintaining emergency lighting.

Prior to this date, preliminary work will be performed to prepare for moving these cables.

Your patience and cooperation during this service interruption is appreciated.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gary Gazo, Medium Voltage Distribution Engineer at extension 20949/ or Brad Cochrane, Director, Energy Management at extension 55216/  For any concerns during the interruption, please contact Security at extension 33333.