Update to the community on University Bookstore renovations and staff relocations

A preliminary design concept drawing for the entrance to the new bookstore
A preliminary design concept drawing for the entrance to the new bookstore

The York Lanes Bookstore renovations are proceeding with construction beginning on the new ground floor retail areas and all of the office and staff areas in the basement.  Starting immediately, several staff have been temporarily relocated.

The course material buyers and accounting staff are now situated at 4747 Keele St and can be reached by their email, in person or at extensions 20945 or 40730. Faculty members are encouraged to use the Bookstore’s web-based ordering system for new course adoptions. This system has been well received since being launched last year.

The clothing and gift buyer is now located in the old Smart Commute office and can be reached at extension 40738.

Steve Glassman, director of the University Bookstore, has moved to the Physical Resources Building on the Keele campus and can be reached at 416-993-4957.

The University Bookstore’s marketing coordinator, Michael Legris, and the manager of textbooks and Glendon, Gerard Stocker, are now located in 625 Kaneff Tower.  Legris can be reached at 647-637-7084 and Stocker at 416-629-8470

The information desk in the bookstore will be open for special orders and any questions from the community.  It will be business as usual in the basement of the bookstore, which is gearing up for the new term.  The general information line can be reached at 416-736-2100, ext. 40735. The University Bookstore website provides contact information.

It is business as usual at the University Bookstore. Textbooks are available for the summer term courses, as well as general interest books, magazines and a selection of stationery and giftware. The bookstore’s two satellite stores are working well in York Lanes. Visit “YUB EAST” for clothing and gifts, and “YUB WEST” for stationery and art supplies. The Osgoode Bookstore and Schulich Trading Floor are closed for spring and summer.