YFS Multicultural Week includes cultural celebrations of food, art, history

Multicultural Week for YFile homepage

A celebration of culture through the exchange and showcase of food, fashion, music and tradition will take place Jan. 22 to 28 when York Federation of Students (YFS) returns its Multicultutral Week celebrations to campus.

Students during previous Multicultural Week events
Students during previous Multicultural Week events

The annual week-long celebration is a unique opportunity for students to experience many of the world’s vibrant cultures that are thriving here on our own campus and around the globe.

“Each year, we try to make Multicultural Week bigger and better by including new events and awards for all clubs to participate in,” says Alexandria Williams, vice-president Campus Life, YFS. “Through your new innovative ideas, we are able to witness an abundance of talent, creativity and organization. We are proud to have dedicated clubs participate in this event over the years, and we are eager to expand and grow by encouraging new cultural clubs to get involved.”

Here’s a roundup of what to expect for 2016 YFS Multicultural Week:

Friday, Jan. 22

Soccer World Cup – 9am to 3pm, The Hangar (Downsview Park)
• The goal of the YFS MCW Soccer World Cup tournaments is to bring clubs together for some friendly competition in the spirit of MCW. Participating clubs will have the chance to claim the title of being MCW World Cup Champions. Clubs should demonstrate spirit and sportsmanship with other teams. Apart from playing a good game of soccer, clubs will be judges based on their enthusiasm for the game, respect for other teams and overall spirit during the tournament.

Monday, Jan. 25 to Friday, Jan. 29

Cultural Intersection Visual Art Exhibition – 11:30am to 5:30pm, Samuel J. Zack’s Gallery, 109 Stong College
• The exhibit focuses on artistic expressions of culture. Participants are encouraged to share their creative expression of social and political commentary regarding their own unique cultureal heritage and/or lived experience in Canada. The exhibition seeks to promote the artistic talents of particpants by displaying their work – photography, painting, drawing, print, collage and/or mixed media in a gallery setting.

Monday, Jan. 25

Smudging Ceremony – 11:30am to noon, Student Centre
• Multicultural Week celebrations will officially open with an event recognizing and honouring the traditions and history of the Mississauga’s of New Credit First Nations with a smudging ceremony. Smudging is a traditional indigenous ceremony held when an officiate cleanses and area and/or participants involved in an activity. The officiate circulates a bowl or shell with sage, sweet grass, tobacco or cedar.

Multicultural week historical image
The Multicultural Parade is one of the key events to kick off the week’s celebrations

Multicultural Parade – noon to 1pm, Student Centre
• The parade will display the diversity of culture at York University by celebrating unique differences and traditions. Clubs will portray different cultures, history, political aspirations and identities with clothing, flags, music and more.

Cultural Couture Fashion Show – 3 to 6pm, Student Centre
• This event will display fashion from across the world and showcase how it is a form of expression, with a language of its own. Culture Couture will showcase the world’s most timeless, dynamic and beautiful fashion trends from across the globe. Participating clubs are encouraged to incorporate music, clothing and traditions.

Tuesday, Jan. 26

YFS World Food Fair – 11am to 2pm, The Underground (Student Centre)
• Food is a universal language, infusing meals with the unique traditions and cooking practices of our cultures, while highlighting the local spices and ingredients from different places. The World Food Fair showcases a sampling of culinary culture from across the globe. There will be a large and diverse menu to sample from, including everything from kothu to roti to baklava, tacos to fufu, peilla to lasagna, and more.

YFS Cross Cultural Workshops – 3 to 6pm, The Underground (Student Centre)
• Cultural practices, customs and traditions are all important aspects of our identities. The aim of this event is to teach members about different cultures – from language to clothing to history – and explain the history behind different customs.

Romance and Culture: Demystifying Multiculturalism – 6pm, 307 Student Centre
• Canada has become a country that prides itself on its vast multiculturalism and its ability to make those from different backgrounds, religions and origins feel welcomed and comforted. In this discussion, we will break down the idea of multiculturalism as a function of profit for the Canadian government through the romanticization of certain cultural practices, while erasing discourse around accountability and progress surrounding indigenous sovereignty, racism and anti-black racism.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

photo of hands joined in multicultural unityGlobal Tour – 10am to 4pm, Ross Link, Vari Hall and Central Square
• Students will have the opportunity to travel the world by strolling through campus. Clubs’ pavilions in the Global Tour will showcase their culture’s art, history and traditions.

Thursday, Jan. 29

Cultural Explosion Performance – 2 to 6pm, Rexall Centre
• This performance is an exceptional showcase designed to highlight the unique artistic practices of diverse cultures including dance, music and more.

For more, visit www.yfs.ca.