York U vice-presidents announce the membership of the IIRP Working Groups

Vari Hall as seen during the early evening

Vice-President Academic and Provost Rhonda Lenton and Vice-President Finance and Administration Gary Brewer are pleased to announce the membership of the Institutional Integrated Resource Plan (IIRP) Working Groups (see the YFile call for participation for more information).

We are very grateful to the many members of our community who submitted expressions of interest in working together with us to help move forward important initiatives in relation to teaching and learning, program quality, enhancing the student experience, the role of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the quality of services supporting academic priorities. Together with the chairs of the Senate Committee on Academic Policy, Planning & Research and the Committee on Academic Standards, Curriculum & Pedagogy, we reviewed all of the submissions to develop the proposed membership for each working group. The memberships include faculty, staff and students from across the University. These recommendations have now been endorsed by the president.

Unfortunately, given the large number of applications and our desire to include a wide range of stakeholders from across the University in each working group, we were not able to accommodate all of those who responded to the call for participation. We encourage those who were not selected for membership to participate in other ways, for example through related initiatives in Faculties or units, or through sub-groups which may be established by the working groups to explore particular aspects of their mandates.

The working group memberships can be found on the IIRP website.

Next steps:

The working groups are expected to begin their work immediately. They will be charged with developing implementation recommendations to help achieve institutional goals and priorities. Their work is not intended to replace normal planning processes, but to complement those processes. They will therefore be informed by and support the University Academic Plan, and refine and give shape to the Integrated Resource Plan framework.

Over the coming months, the working groups will:

  • confirm their terms of reference and timelines, and¬†determine resource needs and whether sub-groups are needed;
  • engage in ongoing consultation with the executive sponsors who will in turn provide updates to the community;
  • meet periodically with the executive sponsors as a steering committee to ensure coordination and integration among the groups and to explore opportunities for synergies;
  • provide summary reports, including principles, recommendations and accountability mechanisms, which will be shared with the community; and
  • provide recommendations for action, which will be referred to the appropriate bodies (e.g. Senate and its committees, Faculties, administrative units) for follow-up.

There will be additional opportunities for community involvement in the IIRP implementation process, as well as in the development of the next University Academic Plan. See the IIRP website for further information.