Parking changes and traffic restrictions during Rogers Cup

Parking lot

The 2015 Rogers Cup will take place at the Aviva Center on York University’s Keele campus from Saturday, Aug. 8, to Sunday, Aug. 16, and will affect parking as follows:

York parking permit holders

Parking Services does all it can to minimize the effects to our community by preserving a predetermined quantity of parking spaces for permit holders and by upgrading and/or redirecting permit holders who are displaced during the tournament.

  • Permit holders in the Shoreham Drive Lot will be relocated to the Arboretum Lane Parking Garage.
  • Permit holders in Founders Road East Lot will be relocated to Founders Road West Lot.
  • Permit holders for Albany Road Lot, Arboretum Lane Parking Garage, Chimneystack Lot, Founders Road West Lot, York Boulevard Lot, Student Services Parking Garage and Pond Road Lot will be unaffected by the tournament arrangements.

York visitor/short-term parking

During the tennis tournament period, visitor and short-term parking will be available in the following lots/garage/roadways for the York community, at the current York rates:

  • Vanier Lot
  • York Lanes Parking Garage
  • Atkinson Lot
  • Atkinson Road
  • Passy Crescent
  • Assiniboine Road
  • Fine Arts Road
  • Physical Resources Building South Visitor Lot
  • Kinsmen Lot
  • Seneca Lane

There will be no short-term parking available in the following lots/garages:

  • Arboretum Lane Parking Garage
  • Student Services Parking Garage
  • Northwest Gate On Street Lot
  • Shoreham Drive Lot
  • Thompson Road Lot
  • Founders Road East Visitors Lot

Reserved tennis parking

The following parking lots/garages will be used for tennis parking pass holders:

  • Arboretum Lane Parking Garage
  • Student Services Parking Garage
  • Shoreham Drive Lot
  • Pond Road Lot

Tennis patrons and participants are required to display valid tennis parking passes to use these lots/garages. With the exception of the Shoreham Drive Lot, these lots will be occupied for this event from 7am on Saturday, Aug. 8, until Sunday, Aug. 16 at 11:59pm.

The Shoreham Drive Lot will be closed for this event from Friday, Aug. 7, at 7am until Monday, Aug. 17, at noon.

Cash pay-on-entry tournament parking

Parking lots designated for Rogers Cup event cash parking will charge a flat fee of $15 daily for each day of the tournament period.

The lots designated for Rogers Cup and Parapan Am Games event cash parking are as follows:

  • Founders Road East Lot
  • Pond Road Lot (overflow)

Traffic restriction on campus

For the duration of the tennis tournament, the following road restriction will be in place from 9am to 11:59pm, daily:

  • Shoreham Drive eastbound lane, between Murray Ross Parkway and Ian Macdonald Boulevard/Pond Road.

For more information or if any special parking arrangements are required, contact Parking Services at ext. 55335.