Pension & Benefits retirement seminars offer important information for all York U employees

All seminars are free and open to the York community.

Mid Career Seminar  – From a Pension Perspective

Presented by: Catherine Federico, Pension and Benefits Support Specialist, Pension & Benefits Office
Date:  Wednesday June 24
Time:  12 to 1pm
Location: York Lanes 284F

If you have been at York for more than five years, and would like to understand York’s Pension Plan as it relates to your retirement planning, please join us for this seminar

  • Designating a Beneficiary
  • Contributing to the Plan
  • Leaves of Absence/Reduced Load
  • Transferring funds into the Plan
  • Retirement Dates
  • Calculating your Pension
  • Maximum Pension
  • Leaving the Plan Before Retirement
  • Death Before Retirement
  • On line Help


Pre- Retirement Seminar (within five years of Retirement)

Presented by: Catherine Federico, Pension & Benefits Support Specialist, Pension & Benefits Office
Date:  Friday June 26
Time:  12 to 1pm
Location:  York Lanes 284F

If you are within five years of retiring from York, you may want to consider attending this seminar for a look at the Pension and Benefits considerations.

  • Designating a beneficiary
  • Contributing to the plan
  • Leaves of absence
  • Transferring funds into the plan
  • Retirement dates
  • Calculating your pension
  • Maximum pension
  • Annual adjustments to pensions
  • Receiving your pension payment
  • Death before and after Retirement
  • Post-retirement benefits
  • Planning retirement
  • On line help