Nominations invited for Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award

Robert Tiffin
Robert Tiffin

Do you know an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student who has made significant contributions to the York community? Please consider nominating the student for a prestigious award.

The Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award recognizes students whose leadership has contributed to the growth, development and vitality of York University. Established in 2012, this Award is named after Robert J. Tiffin, who served as York University’s Vice-President, Students for nine years. Through his strong leadership, dedication and integrity, Tiffin transformed his operation into one of the most professional student service organizations in the country, serving one of Canada’s largest student populations.

“The focus is on trying to identify and recognize those students who have taken leadership roles in the community,” says Tiffin. “The skills that students develop in the classroom … are enhanced through their participation outside of the classroom, by contributing to the community. A lot of the competencies that we look for, like leadership, are really honed by becoming involved and becoming engaged in providing support for fellow students.”

All members of the York community (students, faculty, staff and alumni) are invited to submit nominations for this award. Eligible candidates must be currently enrolled, undergraduate or graduate students, who exhibit leadership, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence through their endeavours. Selection will be based on leadership and/or involvement in the York community and outstanding academic achievement.

Recipients will be honoured at a reception and their names will be added to the Awards display in the Vari Hall Rotunda. They will also receive a Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award certificate. The Award will be noted on their transcript.

Nomination packages must include:

  • A letter of recommendation from a primary nominator (maximum 500 words);
  • A statement of support from a secondary nominator representing one nominating constituency (York University students, staff, faculty or alumni) not represented by the primary nominator (maximum 350 words) ;
  • A candidate statement that describes how co-curricular involvement at York University has affected their university experience and helped to enhance the quality of life on campus (maximum 500 words); and
  • A current resume/CV, including detailed descriptions of involvement at the University.

The nomination deadline is Friday, March 20. Packages can be submitted by e-mail to or in person to Rheza Evangelista , executive assistant, Office of the Vice-Provost Students, N303 Bennett Centre.