Electrical service interruption Oct. 6

Light bulb switched on

To accommodate Toronto hydro electrical grid reliability improvements, the following buildings will experience a three-minute power interruption on Monday, Oct. 6, between 7:30 and 8:30am:

  • Founders College
  • Founders Residence
  • Winters College
  • Winters Residence
  • Stong College
  • Stong Kitchen
  • Stong Residence
  • Kinsmen Building
  • Scott Library
  • Computer Methods
  • Calumet College
  • Calumet Residence
  • McLaughlin College
  • Tatham Hall Residence
  • Ross Building
  • Ross Central Square
  • Curtis Lecture Hall
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Hart/Hoover Houses
  • #320 Assiniboine
  • Central Utilities Building
  • 190 Albany Road
  • Physical Resources Building
  • Norman Bethune College
  • Norman Bethune Residence

During this interruption, campus steam and chilled water supply will be delivered at a reduced capacity.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at ext. 55623. For concerns during the interruption, contact Security at ext. 33333.