York vice-presidents deliver an update on AAPR

Vari Hall as seen during the early evening

Vice-President Academic and Provost Rhonda Lenton and Vice-President Finance and Administration Gary Brewer are pleased to provide the following update on the Academic and Administrative Program Review (AAPR) to the York community.

The Program Information Forms (PIFs), complete with supporting data and responses, were made available to the community at the beginning of August. Community members are invited to review the PIFs to gain a greater understanding of programs offered across the campus. Community access to populated PIFs is limited to those with Passport York ID and can be accessed on the Program Information Forms page of the AAPR website.

Analysis & Assessment Phase

AAPR has almost completed its third (of four) phases. Both the administrative and academic task forces continue to meet multiple times each week to work through a detailed review of each Program Information Form. Reviews are completed using either the academic or administrative rubric, which is available for review on the AAPR YU Link site. Task forces will continue to meet until the end of October, when their reports are expected to be finalized.

Looking Ahead

The fourth (and final) phase of AAPR, the Response Phase, will begin in November with the release of the Academic and Administrative Task Force Reports. Community Forums and other presentations are currently being planned to provide an opportunity for a preliminary discussion of the results and to gather input from our community. Each division/Faculty will also be asked to take up the reports in their own individual context and to develop draft responses by the end of January 2015. These draft responses will inform an institutional strategic directions document for broad consultation in the spring. As has been previously acknowledged, any specific proposals that come forward as a result of this review will follow the University’s normal governance policies and procedures.

As we prepare for the Response Phase, the community is asked to visit the AAPR YU Link site for ongoing and timely updates. We will be posting shortly a detailed schedule of next steps. Updates will be provided on a regular basis and the website will also provide an opportunity for input throughout the Response Phase.