Winner of SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award to deliver lecture at York

Devanto S. Pratomo

Devanto S. Pratomo of Brawijaya University in Indonesia will discuss his research on education, migration and development in Indonesia.

Devanto S. Pratomo
Devanto S. Pratomo

The talk will take place Monday, Sept. 22, from 1:30 to 3:30pm, at 519 Kaneff Tower, Keele campus.

The study summarizes information from different sources about the progress of Indonesian education. It makes particular use of the 2010 Population Census data in novel ways. It checks whether regional differentials in educational enrollment are related in any systematic way to indicators of economic development in the form of regional per capita income figures and regional poverty levels. It also delves into the generational transmission of educational attainment through comparison of educational attainment of heads of household (parents) and their children.

In addition, using a RUMICI (Rural-Urban Migration in China and Indonesia) data set for Indonesia, the study examines the roles of education to improve the performances of migrants in urban areas in Indonesia. One implication of the study is that education in both pre- and post-migration stages is animportant factor for rural-urban migrants to survive in desirable urban environment.

Pratomo is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business and holds a PhD in economics from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. His research interests and publication work lie in the area of labour economics and migration.

In 2013, Pratomo received the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization and the Government of Canada SEAMEO–Jasper Research Award with the theme of Education and Employability in Southeast Asia.

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