Food addiction

People aren’t knocking over convenience stores or fencing grandma’s jewellery in order to fund their cupcake habit, reported AskMen Sept. 9…. “It’s a matter of degree and vulnerability,” said Caroline Davis, a professor at York University in Toronto who specializes in the psychobiology of obesity. “When it comes to food, I think it’s a small population that is truly addicted … ‘Food addiction’ isn’t a good term.” Read full story.

Location for new York U campus expected Thursday
An announcement is expected Sept. 11, from 2 to 3pm, and will include York University,  York Region, the City of Markham and academic partner Seneca College, reported the Markham Economist & Sun Sept. 9. Read full story.

Tackling homelessness is everyone’s business
Young people live at home longer, are less inclined to drop out of high school and have much less opportunity to find full-time work if they do drop out and leave home, reported the Winnipeg Free Press Sept. 5. Those are some of the reasons York University homelessness expert Stephen Gaetz says strategies to deal with youth homelessness are in dire need of an update. Read full story.

TIFF 2014: 5 questions with: ‘Wet Bum’ creator Lindsay MacKay
“To be honest, I feel like I was a bit of a late bloomer,” said York film alumna Lindsay MacKay in the Toronto Star Sept. 5. “I was never the kid that was like, ‘I’m going to make movies.’ I was a science and math nerd in high school. I applied to a lot of pre-med [programs] at all the good universities and then I applied to York University for film, mainly because I had a creative writing/English teacher who really believed in me and she really helped me discover my early voice as a writer.” Read full story.

Rob Ford promises to ‘bore, bore’ bore’ subways – without a tax increase
York University political science Professor Roger Keil, who has studied transit issues, said Ford’s plan “doesn’t make any sense at all,” reported the Toronto Star Sept. 3…. “It is an incredibly deceptive document and it’s also quite childish, to be honest … back-of-the-envelope kind of representation,” said Keil. He is worried the residents most underserved by transit, in north Scarborough and Etobicoke, will buy in to the idea that subways are the only solution, when “these people would be much better served with the LRTs that were on the books.” Read full story.

Canada paid for cash-strapped Hungary’s fighter pilot training
Martin Shadwick, a strategic studies professor at York University, said Russian actions in Ukraine have prompted a number of Eastern European nations to look at purchasing new military equipment and improve their air defences, reported the Ottawa Citizen Sept. 3. “The problem is that they don’t have a lot of money to throw around,” said Shadwick. “The question is whether other NATO nations will be called upon to provide those funds.” Read full story.

Coolest classes in Canada will make you wish you were still a student
A look at schools across the country has uncovered that it’s not all law or math classes on offer, reported The Huffington Post Canada Sept. 3…. York University’s Fetish Appeal: Desire and Consumption course probes the role of pleasure, desire and power in contemporary consumer culture, especially around objects of consumption, such as so-called designer goods or iconic products such as the KitchenAid mixer or the iPod. York’s Apocalyptic Science Fiction course will consider the (post)apocalyptic as both genre and mode; as both a major branch of fantastic literature and a speculative scenario in literature, radio, film, manga, graphic novels and gaming. Read full story.