Special issue of journal dives into mothers and history

Mothers and History partial cover

Journal Mothers and HistoryThe newest issue of the Journal of Motherhood Initiative dives deep into mothers and their history.

This special issue on Mothers and History features 19 articles, 13 book reviews and a poetry folio featuring the work of Beth Ann Fennelly.

Articles include:

  • Finding maternal histories;
  • Honouring indigenous maternal histories;
  • Mothers’ rights are human rights: Reflections on activism and history;
  • Vera Brittain, maternal work and the politics of leaning in;
  • Medicalization of motherhood;
  • Mothers’ messages about gender to their children;
  • Unwed mothers in medieval England;
  • Historicizing the evangelical maternal ethos and religious mother-work; and
  • The Mothers Club of Cambridge, 1878-1904.

For more information, visit the Motherhood Initiative website.