Construction at Lassonde Building and Passy Gardens Residences

Orange sign saying road work ahead

Due to necessary repairs to York University’s utility infrastructure and other repairs across the Keele campus, construction will take place at the southwest corner of the Lassonde Building, as shown on the map below, beginning Monday, July 28, and continuing until Wednesday, July 30, from 7am to 5pm daily. During this time, pedestrian traffic will be rerouted around the construction fencing. This may affect domestic water supply to the Lassonde Building. Further notice will be distributed if a service interruption is required.

Lassonde watermain construction
Construction at the southwest corner of the Lassonde Building July 28 to 30

Construction will also take place to the west of the Passy Gardens Residences, as shown on the map below, from July 28 to July 30, beginning at 7am and ending at 5pm each day. Entrance to and exit from the Passy Crescent Lot may be impacted during this time.

Passy Gardens watermain construction
Construction at the Passy Gardens Residences July 28 to 30

How will this construction impact the York community?

  • We ask that all vehicle and pedestrian traffic be reduced to a minimum.
  • Some noise and vibration in the immediate area can be expected.
  • The contractor performing the work will be available at all times to assist with vehicle and pedestrian movement around the site when necessary.
  • Additional bulletins will be distributed as the impact on the campus or the status of the project changes.

When travelling throughout the construction zone, please watch for and obey all traffic signs and or traffic control personnel for your safety and convenience.

For any questions or concerns regarding this project, contact Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at or 416-736-5623.