Politics of the toilet

If Sheila Cavanagh had her way, she would have spent the day discussing Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. The York University professor was in her Critical Sexualities seminar, trying to focus her students on the assigned reading. But all they wanted to talk about was the john, reported Daily Xtra June 9. Initially, she was frustrated by their inability to stay on topic, but as the discussion progressed something clicked. “It occurred to me that the politics of the toilet was something we actually should be discussing,” she recalled. Read full story.

Why it’s hard to say goodbye
“On Oct. 27, Ontario electors will vote for their municipal representatives for the next four years,” wrote John Mascarin, adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, in the June 13 issue of The Lawyers Weekly. “Ballots should be cast wisely because elected mayors and councillors will likely remain in office until 2018, no matter the outrageousness of their conduct.” Read full story.

Boomerangst: Turning dilemmas into discoveries – mixed marriages
You can’t suddenly expect to tackle the issues head-on if that’s not been your approach in the past, said Carl James, a York University professor and sociologist who specializes in race and ethnic relations. “This is a very, very common concern among parents of interracial marriages,” said James in EverythingZoomer.com June 10. “Gender is an issue. Culture is an issue. Language is an issue. But you can only have a frank discussion if that’s the kind of relationship you’ve had all along. If it’s not, you’ll need to tread very lightly or risk alienating, or even losing, your daughter.” Read full story.

CannonDesign selected as architects for new student centre at York University
York University and its student body have selected CannonDesign as the architect for the new 150,000-square-foot Student Centre planned for its Keele Campus, reported Canadian Art June 9. The centre will respond to the evolving needs of current and future students and transform the campus. Read full story.

Review: ‘Queer Bathroom Stories’ (Libido Productions)
This version, playing at Buddies In Bad Times during the run-up to Pride, feels more professional and, in some ways, more stylish than the Fringe version, with great choreography and very interesting movement pieces dotting its landscape. . . . I appreciated writer Sheila Cavanaugh’s decision to share both positive and negative stories, to show some inclusive or celebratory stories as well as alienating ones, reported Mooney on Theatre June 6. Read full story.