YU-card gets a fresh look

The new look YU-card
The new look YU-card

Starting June 9, York faculty, staff and students applying for a YU-card will receive a card sporting a fresh new design. The “new-look” card has the same features as the current YU-card with some future improvements built in to the revamped design.

“The new YU-card contains leading-edge contactless technology that will enable new services in the near future and further reduce the number of cards that community members need to carry on campus,” says Anthony Barbisan, director, YU-Card, Campus Services and Business Operations.

Barbisan notes that there is no need for faculty, staff and students to exchange their current YU-cards for the new version.

Since it was established in 2007, YU-card has provided faculty, staff and students with many benefits, including access to a variety of services on campus, the library, recreation facilities, food services and retail discounts.

“With fewer cards and fewer lineups, the YU-card has saved the student body approximately 400 days of lineup time every year,” says Barbisan.

To learn more, visit the YU-card website.