Today’s leader needs EQ as much as IQ

“It’s part of a larger shift starting to challenge the whole nature of intelligence itself, and how we define intelligence,” said Brett Richards, a teacher at the Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre, in The Globe and Mail May 12. It’s said that intelligence gets you in the door of a company, but emotional intelligence gets you to the top, Richards noted. Yet, whereas an emotional-intelligence test is all about oneself, the aim is to apply that ability to self-motivate and self-manage feelings to the larger emotional terrain of an organization as a whole. Read full story.

Wynne, Hudak offer stark choice between competing visions
“Elections in this country are rarely about public policy,” wrote Eugene Lang, BMO Visiting Fellow at York University’s Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, in the Toronto Star May 12. “They are about political leaders – their character, charisma (or lack thereof) and the degree to which people trust them. On occasion elections are defined by scandals, and often by a simple desire for a change in government, irrespective of the contour of the change being offered.” Read full story.

CFL draft: Success of Argos’ Durie offers hope to overlooked players
While playing for York University, Mississauga-born Andre Durie suffered a season-ending knee injury after playing in only two games in the 2005 season. He also missed the entire 2006 campaign. The injury damaged a nerve, causing temporary paralysis in his leg, reported the Toronto Star May 12. Undeterred, Durie went to work with York University athletic therapist Cindy Hughes, whom he credits with his recovery. Read full story.

Keele campus construction
Construction is moving along at York University for the New Engineering Building at its Keele campus in Toronto, Ont., reported Daily Construction News May 13. Completion is scheduled for September 2015. Read full story.