Toronto election 2014: John Tory launches economic policy for the city

Mayoral candidate John Tory wants to bring jobs to the people and move people to the jobs. That includes pushing for a new medical school at York University that would connect students with the modernized Humber River Regional Hospital to create new opportunities for students in a technology-smart city, reported the Toronto Star and others May 8. Read full story.

Unilever shutting down Bramalea plant in 2016
Unilever Canada’s plan to shut down its manufacturing plant in Bramalea in 2016 is another sign of large international companies consolidating operations, experts say. “It’s part of a general trend to consolidate North American and global plants to fewer locations, more integrated operations, and use of technology to create more efficient practices,” said Alan Middleton, a marketing professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in the Toronto Star May 8. “Unfortunately, unless Canada has a substantial cost advantage or talent advantage, we’re going to be seeing more of this.” Read full story.

Absurd creature of the week: This oceanic ‘nightmare’ suffocates foes with clouds of slime
When hagfish are lucky enough to come upon a whale fall, they “grab onto it with their teeth, which are sort of like a circular set of saw blades,” said Carol Bucking, a biologist at Toronto’s York University, in Wired May 9. “And they use this to latch on to the skin, and then they twist their body to bore a hole into the carcass. Then they live inside the carcass and they essentially eat it from the inside out.” Read full story.

Mental health education at young age key in reducing stigma: experts
York University psychology Professor Joel Goldberg said although it’s sometimes important to let students know where to seek help, the key issue is not where those services are but helping the student overcome the barrier of being embarrassed or ashamed, reported Global News May 9. Read full story.

Beach photographer Elaine Chan-Dow featured in CONTACT festival
Lifelong east-end resident and current York University master’s student Elaine Chan-Dow grew up surrounded by photography so it’s only natural she’d eventually pursued the art form as a career path, reported the Beach Mirror May 9. . . . Her solo exhibit Libraria, The Evolution Of Literary Spaces, features shots of empty libraries including the Toronto Reference Library, York University’s Osgoode Hall and the Brooklin Library. Read full story.

Markham Main Street Farmers’ Market opens Saturday
The annual Science Rendezvous science fair hosted by York University runs 10am to 3pm and features several interactive experiments, such as solar car races, walking on water and mind-controlled computer games, reported the Markham Economist & Sun May 8. Read full story.