VPRI to sponsor task force on public engagement and sustainability research

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The Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (VPRI) will sponsor a task force during the 2014-15 academic year to examine options and develop ideas for highlighting and further building York University’s research strengths in the broad area of sustainability within “Public Engagement for a Just and Sustainable World” one of the opportunity areas that has been identified for development, as described in the Strategic Research Plan, titled “Building on Strength”.

“York’s Strategic Research Plan identifies five strategic areas where we see opportunities to significantly advance our reputation,” said Robert Haché, York’s vice-president research and innovation. “We are eager to support the growth and development of initiatives to enable the recognition of York University as a Canadian leader in sustainability research. The task force will help us explore how we can continue to leverage and further advance research opportunities in this area.”

The Office of the VPRI held a research celebration, “Public Engagement for a Just and Sustainable World”, at the Scott Library on April 16 in conjunction with four York Faculties. 

“The event exemplified the rich cross-disciplinary mix of researchers and York’s strengths across a number of Faculties in this broad area, indeed reinforcing why this area is seen as an institutional opportunity,” said Haché.

As highlighted in the Strategic Research Plan, “Public Engagement for a Just and Sustainable World” includes research programming that informs and addresses a range of challenges in urban environments such as governance, planning, land use, infrastructure, economy, security, educational engagement, transportation energy and quality of life. More information on this area of opportunity can be found in the Strategic Research Plan.

In the coming weeks, Office of the VPRI will invite expressions of interest from those considering volunteering to join the task force. For more information, contact Barbara Edwards, senior policy adviser, Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation.