Refugee claim acceptance in Canada appears to be ‘luck of the draw’ despite reforms, analysis shows

The analysis of every refugee claim decision in Canada last year reveals cases heard by some adjudicators – who preside over refugee cases like judges do in a criminal court – had an almost predictable outcome before the hearing even began. “There is an element of the luck of the draw to these decisions. It can be a real problem. When making refugee decisions – we are often talking about life or death decisions if you get it wrong and send someone back to persecution, torture or death,” said Sean Rehaag, a professor at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, in the National Post April 15. Read full story.

Canada to let private companies decide where search-and-rescue aircraft based
Defence analyst Martin Shadwick said the unprecedented procurement process could cause problems. “What happens if a company proposes shutting down a current (search-and-rescue) location?” asked Shadwick, a York University professor, in the Ottawa Citizen April 15. “Or what happens if the government likes a certain aircraft being proposed but doesn’t like that company’s proposal on where to base those planes?” Read full story.

Expert calls BCLC’s CEO’s contract a ‘failure’ by the board
An expert on executive compensation says Michael Graydon’s contract as CEO of the B.C. Lottery Corporation (BCLC) was so badly flawed he’s surprised the Crown agency negotiated such a deal. “This is a poorly drafted and negotiated executive contract for someone in Mr. Graydon’s position. This poor agreement is a failure on the part of the BCLC board of directors,” said Richard Leblanc, a professor of law, governance and ethics at York University, in The Globe and Mail April 16. Read full story.

Bingham nominated for top university athlete
Brampton’s Khamica Bingham, who attends York University, has been nominated for the Jim Thompson Trophy as the Canadian Interuniversity Sport female athlete of the year, reported the Brampton Guardian and others April 15. Read full story.

We deserve to know more about prescription drugs
“Why is Health Canada only letting doctors and the public know part of the story about the safety and effectiveness of new pharmaceutical drugs? Inadequate information can be as dangerous as misinformation,” co-wrote Joel Lexchin, a professor in York University’s School of Health Policy and Management, in the Huffington Post April 15. Read full story.

Cult literary figure Crad Kilodney dies
Crad Kilodney, who spent decades on the streets of Toronto selling his self-published literature, has died, reported CBC News April 15. . . . “I started out with this idealistic view that the public was reasonably intelligent,” he said in a 1992 York University documentary on his life. “I must say, after 14 years on the street I’ve had all of my illusions about the public shattered. A lot of the people on the street cannot read simple words on signs. I mean words like ‘from’ or ‘for’ or ‘of’’.” Read full story.

Dams may spell disaster for Myanmar’s rivers
“The proposed dams will have obviously deleterious effects on fish and fisheries; the dams will block fish from migrating up and downstream, which for many species is needed for spawning,” said Vanessa Lamb, a postdoctoral associate at the York Centre for Asian Research at York University, in Deutsche Welle April 15. Read full story.