Recruiters charging foreign workers in Ontario illegal fees as high as $12,000 for jobs that might not exist, report finds

“There’s a huge problem,” said report author Fay Faraday, human rights lawyer and professor at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, in the Financial Post April 10. “We have this law in Ontario that prohibits recruitment fees. It applies only to live-in caregivers, but the law isn’t working for caregivers and it provides absolutely no protection for other migrant workers, even though they are subject to the exact same predatory practices.” Read full story.

Toronto Argonauts to hold their 2014 training camp at York University
The Toronto Argonauts are shifting their training camp location to York University after holding camp for 18 years at the University of Toronto campus in Mississauga, reported the Toronto Star April 10. There’s been no indication from the Argos where they’ll practise once the Canadian Football League season begins. Read full story.

Press the bored button
York University researchers believe that boredom comes from an inability to focus; that it isn’t the fact that there isn’t anything stimulating to do that creates a sense of boredom but that constant, shallow stimulation from using electronic devices trains our brains to reach boredom thresholds more quickly, reported the Khaleej Times April 11. Read full story.

Think the past winter was bad? Get ready for mini Ice Age
Scientific speculation is intensifying that a new mini Ice Age is looming. The last mini Ice Age struck the northern hemisphere about A.D. 1450 and lasted 400 years. It was dubbed the “Little Ice Age”. In Canada, it had a huge impact on everything from crop yields to changing ecosystems. “The Little Ice Age decreased the number of frost-free days and altered the composition of forests,” said York University geographers Celina and Ian Campbell in the Winnipeg Free Press April 11. Read full story.

Willowdale artists hold art show April 19 to May 2
A reception will be held April 23 from 7 to 9:30pm in the Members Lounge in the civic centre at 5100 Yonge St., north of Sheppard Avenue. Joy Wong, the winner of this year’s endowment award, given to deserving students in the arts program at York University, will be introduced at the event, reported the North York Mirror April 10. Read full story.

Must-sees this week: April 10 to 16, 2014
Mary Grisey offers large-scale textile and ceramic work at York University’s Special Projects Gallery, with a reception April 11 from 4 to 8pm, reported Canadian Art April 10. Read full story.