New international politics journal launches

Journal of Narrative Politics

A new open-access, international politics journal will launch Thursday at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Toronto.

The Journal of Narrative Politics is published by York University and funded primarily through a Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Connection Grant to political science Professor Elizabeth Dauphinee. The launch event is designed to connect researchers and students working with narrative approaches, autoethnography, and experimental forms of scholarship with local writers, artists, and activists.

The launch will take place on March 27, from 6 to 8pm, at the Art Square Cafe and Gallery, 334 Dundas Street West, Toronto. The steering committee and members of the editorial board will be on hand to discuss the journal. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served.

Confirmed participants at the launch include:

The Journal of Narrative Politics emerged from SSHRC-funded 2012 workshop, along with a small grant by York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the York Centre for International and Security Studies. The launch is also funded through a grant from the Department of Political Science. The journal’s remit is to explore narrative voice in academic research, writing, and pedagogy, and in the diverse expressions of non-academic communities and social formations. Normatively committed to human dignity, fairness and peace, it aims to imagine futures free from colonial, racial, gendered and economic violence.

It is committed to forging deep linkages with communities seeking or practicing alternative modes of sociality and governance. It also seeks to challenge the varying tropes of hegemony and oppression in the academy and elsewhere.

While concerned with aesthetics, the Journal of Narrative Politics is not a literary journal, but is instead committed to exploring the overlaps between aesthetics, politics, theory and ethics. Unlike other scholarly social science journals devoted to narrative, the Journal of Narrative Politics is less concerned with the academic analysis of narrative, and more with the expression of narrative itself as a mode of knowing.

For more information, visit the Journal of Narrative Politics website.