Widespread IT outage on March 19 could lead to some lingering issues

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At approximately 7:20pm on Wednesday, March 19, a power event caused a malfunction in the York data centre, resulting in a widespread outage of all York Information Technology (IT) systems.

A complete network restart was required to restore service; that operation was completed at approximately 11pm. However, the loss of the network in turn required the repair and restart of all core systems. University Information Technology (UIT) staff were onsite to bring back into operation over 800 servers between 2 and 5am.

Best efforts were made to ensure everything was addressed and working properly, but there may still exist situations where servers are running, but applications are not behaving normally.

University community members are asked to let UIT know of any problems so they can be dealt with promptly. UIT had designed in resiliency to the network to avoid failures of this nature and will be working with vendors to determine the reason those measures did not function as expected.

Direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services either by e-mail to askit@yorku.ca or by visiting: https://askit.yorku.ca.