What’s in it for the volunteer lobbyists of Toronto’s mayoral campaigns?

Warren Kinsella is a professional political strategist, columnist, lobbyist and a volunteer for Olivia Chow’s campaign. . . . York University Professor Robert MacDermid, an expert in campaign financing, said Kinsella’s assistance on Chow’s campaign appears “quite legal” and not uncommon, reported Metro March 19. “You have the free services of Warren Kinsella that are worth thousands and thousands of dollars on the open market. Under the silly rules of the Municipal Elections Act it counts as nothing, so why wouldn’t you take that?” Read full story.

Life after the bench: Retired judges embrace ADR
A growing number of judges are foregoing retirement and joining alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firms when they hit 75, proving there is life after the bench. . . . Warren Winkler, former chief justice of Ontario Court of Appeal, has set up shop at Arbitration Place, which counts six former judges on its roster of dispute resolution experts. . . . He is the honorary chair at the Winkler Institute for dispute resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School, and is involved with a range of pro bono work and speaking engagements, reported the Financial Post March 19. Read full story.

Hult Prize offers hope for social entrepreneurs’ start-ups
The Hult Prize is the world’s largest student competition and start-up platform for social good, which is designed to act as a catalyst for social ventures that aim to solve the planet’s most pressing challenges, reported BusinessBecause.com March 18. . . . Still in the running for this year’s prize are the MBA students from York University’s Schulich School of Business who created a diabetes screen that can be printed on an ordinary printer for .02 cents. Read full story.