Pow Wow and gathering wraps up another successful celebration

Pow Wow performers
Pow Wow in Vari Hall
Pow Wow market in Vari Hall

The 12th annual All Nations Pow Wow & Gathering: Celebrating Indigeneity & Academia was held early in March with music, dancing and discussion.

It was considered by at least one member of the Aboriginal Students’ Association who organized the celebration at York as the “best attended ever” Pow Wow.

The event included several speakers and a discussion panel the day before the Pow Wow with author Cherie Dimaline, community worker, storyteller and filmmaker Maria Campbell and poet Giles Benaway.

Qatsuu Evic Carleton and Pam Sevigny, Inuit Throat Singers from Ottawa
Qatsuu Evic Carleton and Pam Sevigny, Inuit throat singers from Ottawa

This year an Education and Career Fair was held at the same time on the second floor and had tables with representatives from several post secondary institutions.

The Gala and Feast held the Saturday night after the Pow Wow was a well-attended hit in the Underground Restaurant with performances by Kim Anderson a Métis fiddler; Qatsuu Evic Carleton and Pam Sevigny, both Inuit Throat Singers from Ottawa; Wiidaseh and Migize, both beat boxers; and Spirit Wind, a local women’s hand drum group.

Spirit Wind, a local women hand drum group
Spirit Wind, a local women’s hand drum group

The Aboriginal Students’ Association at York, the Osgoode Indigenous Students Association and the Centre for Aboriginal Student Services express their thanks to all those who attended and made it such a great event.