York University Observatory hosts starry-eyed marriage proposal

Newly engaged couple Sean Telford and Victoria Casey
Telford and Casey following Telford's proposal of marriage
Newly engaged star gazers Sean Telford and Victoria Casey

Star-gazing has been the stuff of heady romance for centuries.

So when Sean Telford, an early childhood educator, contacted the York University Observatory to ask for help arranging the perfect marriage proposal, Observatory staff were happy to assist. It was kept hush-hush for a month, a period that Telford says “felt like forever”.

Telford’s fiancée, Toronto resident Victoria Casey, had no idea that their visit to the Observatory would lead to a proposal of marriage.

Late last month – almost 10 months to the day of their first date – the Observatory became the site of the couple’s engagement.

“I don’t remember much of what I said because I was nervous,” said Telford about his proposal. “I just told her how I felt, how amazing she is and how amazing she makes me feel.”

The couple has a special connection to stars. Before the death of her father in 2012, Casey had purchased an enduring Christmas gift –a star – and had it named after him. She did the same for Telford following the death of his grandfather.

The York University Observatory often plays host to birthday parties, but this was its first proposal request.

Click here to watch a cellphone video of the proposal.