International African Inventors Museum coming to York

Black History Month Poster 2014

African inventors have contributed to the world of science, technology, health and education, as well as everyday items such as the window cleaner, the eggbeater and lawn mower. The International African Inventors Museum will highlight some of the inventors and inventions during its one-day exhibit at York.

Black History Month Poster 2014The International African Inventors Museum promotes positive images and demonstrates the contributions that Africans and persons of African descent have given to societies throughout the world.

This mobile museum will be at the University Thursday, Feb. 27, from 10 am to 3pm, in the main lobby of the TEL Building, Keele campus. The event, designed to break barriers through education, is presented by the York Centre for Human Rights as part of Black History Month celebrations.

The museum has travelled nationally and internationally – South America, Europe, Africa and Canada – to display a range of inventions by African inventors that have contributed to breakthroughs in technology and medicine.

Some of these contributions include Joseph Dadson’s First portable Volumetric Peritoneal Dialysis machine and Afrocentric educational software developed by Warren Salmon, as well as The UniP steel tie, which won the Gold Medal in the 1996 Canadian Design Engineering Awards, and was invented by  Dr. Jude Igwemezie.

Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes to view the exhibit.

For more information, contact Jodie Glean at or ext. 33681.