Free mindfulness tutorials help improve attention

Logo for healthy student initiative

Every day of the week, the Healthy Student Initiative (HSI) hosts free mindfulness tutorials in informal group settings and online. Participants can learn science-based hsitechniques at no cost to improve attention, reduce stress and anxiety, and regulate emotions.

Drop-in sessions are offered Monday to Friday noon to 1pm in the Behavioural Sciences Building at Keele campus. Visit the Healthy Student Initiative website for room locations. The mindfulness tutorials can also be attended electronically, accessed online at the same time and various other times during the week, also at no cost.

The HSI meditation sessions are offered as part of an ongoing research program studying the health benefits of meditation. They were offered for the first time last year  by a group of graduate students in the Health Behaviour Change Lab supervised by kinesiology & health science Professor Paul Ritvo.

Those who participate in the meditation sessions can join the study. Participants are asked to fill out two surveys and take a transcranial magnetic stimulation measurement, for which they will receive a small compensation, at the end of a semester.