Outsourcing has a bad reputation but are there reasons to be cheerful?

“Outsourcing has become the byword for corporate irresponsibility. The death of more than 1,100 people as a result of the collapse in April of the Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh, sparked global outrage.[…]But there are positive aspects to outsourcing,” wrote Paul Klein, member of the Schulich School of Business Advisory Council of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business, in the Guardian Sept. 18. “It can provide people in developing countries with job opportunities that might not otherwise have been available. And, those with low incomes in developed countries can, as Walmart claims, ‘save money and live better’ by accessing goods at lower costs as a result of outsourced operations.” Read full story.

Canada aims to counter laser-based coastal threats
Defence Research and Development Canada is working with Cassidian in the development of Laser Optical Countermeasures and Surveillance Against Threat Environment Scenarios (LOCATES). The system is designed to deal with the increasing threats posed by lasers, whether they are used as range finders, target designators or to guide missiles….York University Professor Martin Shadwick said improvements to missile systems make systems such as LOCATES necessary. It can be used for a range of naval operations, from combat to missions involving evacuation of citizens from the coastal area of a war-torn country. “Without it, your ‘no-go’ zones keep shrinking and shrinking, or otherwise, if you do move into the littorals, you’re accepting an element of risk you might not want to accept,” said Shadwick in Defense News Sept. 17. Read full story.

Two new publications celebrate artist Will Munro
Late artist Will Munro found his inspiration among the unicorn nighties and trucker vests of Toronto’s second-hand circuit, reported the Toronto Star Sept. 18. Best known for reconstructing unloved vintage castoffs into men’s-style y-front briefs, the work of the late Toronto artist, who passed away from brain cancer in May 2010 at the age of 35, is being revisited this fall with two new publications: Army of Lovers, an oral history by Toronto journalist Sarah Liss, released this month, and the Art Gallery of York University’s catalogue of his works, Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic, due this October. Read full story.

Milevsky reflects on his future after sale of business
Moshe Milevsky, York University finance professor and foremost international authority on annuities, is selling his QWeMA Group consulting firm to retirement income data provider Cannex, reported LifeHealthPro.com Sept. 17. The deal preserves QWeMA Group’s unique intellectual property: Milevsky himself, who will join the Cannex board and oversee its quantitative research. Read full story.