Are YU Linked?

YULinkSocialImage-VIf you haven’t already done so, now is the time to connect to, the new intranet designed for use by all York University faculty and staff.  After logging into YU Link, you can customize the site to reflect your preferences. YU Link (pronounced “You-Link”) is a doorway that offers quick and easy access to the tools and information you need as an employee of York University. Access to YU Link requires a Passport York user name and password.

YFile news and information about the University is available on YU Link. You can also customize news feeds from sources both inside and outside the University and get important announcements, targeted bulletins about emergency closures, facility notices and more.

YU Link also centralizes your personal information, benefits, pension, training, YU-card and library information into one easy-to-navigate and convenient interface, eliminating the need to search in multiple locations. Faculty will see details of the courses they are teaching as well as library research guides relevant to those courses.

If you are interested in new career opportunities, there is a link to York U job postings.

If you want to develop your skills or learn something new, you can find out about training options through YU Link.

You can also connect with your colleagues just as you would with other social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter, through the “Who Knows How?” section, which offers a great way to get answers to questions in a few areas, with more to come over time. A tag cloud gives an at-a-glance view of what your colleagues are discussing.

There is even a free classified advertising listing where you can buy, sell or trade with others on campus.

To learn more, visit on the York University website, sign in and have a look around. Get linked to York U!