CERIS to evolve into new knowledge-sharing hub for immigration and settlement sector

CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre, a joint initiative of York University, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, housed at York since 2010, is changing its focus from the production of research to the mobilization of knowledge.

The centre has existed since 1996, and includes both government and community partners, as well as funding from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada, which ended in March. In consultation with its three founding universities and community partners, CERIS will LuinGoldringembark on a new phase – mobilizing knowledge on immigration and settlement research.

Luin Goldring

“Immigration and settlement research is only as good as its potential to better the lives of those it aims to understand. The new centre will partner with research initiatives and work to promote new and existing knowledge,” says Luin Goldring, outgoing CERIS director at York.

Leveraging its extensive network and expertise in mobilising immigration and settlement research, the centre will continue bringing people together to inform policy and practice.

The Canadian immigration and settlement landscape was a different place 17 years ago when CERIS began. There were many questions about the rapidly changing society and the lives of newcomers that were arriving, often to the province of Ontario.

“Through the Metropolis Project, CERIS played a central role in supporting research and creating communities to influence how people think by providing solid and grounded evidence,” says Goldring. “A strong and vibrant field of immigration and settlement research now exists and thrives throughout Ontario. A network of deeply engaged researchers, community members working with newcomers, and policy makers at all levels now exchange views and information and have formed relationships through our research and networking initiatives.”

CERIS is committed to engaging and further building its extensive network over the years to come and welcomes involvement from current and new affiliates.  A search is currently underway for a non-academic Director who will lead CERIS over the next two years.  “The CERIS Board looks forward to the continuing involvement of York faculty and their partners in this collaboration” says Valerie Preston, York’s former CERIS Director and incoming CERIS Board member. .

For more information, visit the CERIS website.