Hire a student through the Research at York program

The Research at York (RAY) program is a strategic, collaborative effort to enhance both the research culture of York University and the undergraduate student academic experience. Through the RAY program, paid opportunities are provided for eligible undergraduate students to participate in research projects with faculty members and/or fellow students. In addition, a limited number of RAY positions are made available each year to international students (iRAY).

The advantages for York researchers are:

• additional support for their research projects;
• financial reimbursement for student wages (up to a maximum of $3,000 per student);
• cultivate an interest in their research projects among undergraduate students; and
• encourage undergraduate students to consider research and graduate studies as a career path.

The advantages for undergraduate students are:

• financial assistance to meet their direct educational costs (tuition, mandatory fees and textbooks);
• valuable research experience that will help expand their classroom learning;
• gain a preview of the type of research that is possible should they decide to pursue graduate studies;
• work experience that will help them in their post-graduation careers; and
• the opportunity for research mentoring from faculty members.

Effective June 10, interested faculty members can enter job requests on the Career Centre online job posting system. It is important to note that a maximum of three positions per session per principal sponsoring faculty member will be considered.

RAY positions proposed by faculty members are reviewed for approval by the RAY Advisory Committee. The job description submitted should not exceed 400 words and must include the following:

• a brief description of the nature of the research project;
• a list of the types of research activities in which the student will be actively involved;
• a description of the research experience that the student will receive;
• a description of the type of training and support that will be provided to the student in carrying out these research activities; and
• the name of the supervising faculty member.

Click here for information on how to post a job request.

Developed by the Offices of the Vice-President Academic and Vice-Provost Students, the RAY program supports the University Academic Plan, which has established as critical priorities both improved research and enhancement of the student experience. Other priorities include:

• intensification and widening of the research culture at the University;
• augmenting student opportunities to engage faculty and their peers in co-curricular situations; and
• internationalization of the student body.

All timelines and information on the campus employment programs, including student eligibility and application process, are listed on the Employment Administrators website.

The deadline for entering job request(s) is Monday, July 22. Position decisions will be sent by e-mail starting August 6. Questions related to the RAY program should be directed to raypost@yorku.ca.