York University celebrates Earth Day with a big reward for good energy planning

Campus Services and Business Operations (CSBO) is celebrating Earth Day with a cheque for $97,000 from Enbridge, a company that transports and distributes energy in North America. The cheque is the most recent of several incentive awards the University has received for “going the extra mile” in campus improvements and efforts to lower energy needs.

DSC08793David Stelzer and Damir Naden of Enbridge, present a cheque to Brad Cochrane, CSBO director of energy, and Richard Francki, associate vice-president CSBO

“This is one of  approximately $ 2.6 million dollars in incentives received over the past 6 years, with over $330,000 from Enbridge alone”  says Brad Cochrane, director of energy with CSBO. “The savings from installing better performing windows, heat reflective panel and turning down systems when classrooms are not in use have an immediate impact in lowering our energy appetite. To enjoy incentives from our several energy partners is just a great bonus that we can plow right  back into more improvements.”

In addition to Enbridge, CSBO has pursued and received incentives from the Ontario Power Authority, Toronto Hydro, Toronto Water and Natural Resources Canada. York University has committed to a $40 million Energy Management Program aimed at a target of lowering consumption and emissions by 25 per cent.  The University has almost achieved the target, says Cochrane, which he notes is amazing because when taken in context with more than five per cent increase in total floor space. So far, close to 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity have been saved, which Cochrane says is enough to power the Keele and Glendon Campuses for almost one year.

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