Campus-wide steam and hot water shutdown March 22 and 23

To accommodate urgent repairs to the campus steam distribution system, a campus-wide steam shutdown is required beginning at 10:30pm on Friday, March 22, and continuing until 2:30am on Saturday, March 23. The time was selected due to the predicted weather conditions, to minimize the impact to building comfort, and because it’s a time of low domestic hot water demand.

Buildings that have domestic hot water tanks should retain some residual heat. The following buildings, which have flash units, will not have any domestic hot water during the shutdown:

  • Tatham Hall
  • Vanier Residence
  • Winters Residence
  • Calumet Residence
  • The Pond Road Residence
  • Passy Gardens
  • #340 Assiniboine Road
  • Atkinson Residence

Sterilization equipment will have no steam supply during the shutdown. Domestic cold water will not be impacted.

If you have any further questions or building-specific issues, contact your maintenance zone supervisor or Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at ext. 55623. For concerns during the outage, contact Security Services at ext. 33333.