Save a barrel, save a billion

“The point in identifying the savings potential from reducing oil imports is to calm the helplessness we often feel about our ability to finance much-needed transit improvements,” wrote Albert Koehl, an adjunct professor of natural resources management at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, in the Hamilton Spectator March 20. “Reducing the number of kilometres we travel by car is only one way to reduce oil consumption. A Pembina Institute report entitled Bridging the Gulf, for example, identifies five policies to reduce oil consumption for transport including better urban planning and more efficient vehicles….Redirecting money we now send to the oil companies will not only free up needed funds for transit but also put us on the road to a sustainable, affordable transport future.” Read full story.

Jamaica in the Canadian Experience
“I think Jamaicans are able to call upon certain kinds of cultural values and norms, especially as immigrants, that enable them to be able to succeed or to face the challenges that they encounter as they try to make life in the metropolis,” said York University education Professor Carl James on the Jamaican television program “Profile” March 11. James was interviewed alongside Andrea Davis, York humanities professor and director of York’s Centre for Research on Latin America & the Caribbean (CERLAC), regarding their new book, Jamaica in the Canadian Experience: A Multiculturalizing Presence. Watch full interview.

GoodLife Fitness invests in heart health: Collaboration targets innovative approach to continuum of care
Canadians suffering from heart disease will have greater access to cardiovascular rehabilitation thanks to a $5-million donation by GoodLife Fitness to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC)…. Sherry Grace, professor in York’s School of Kinesiology & Health Science, also believes in the value of cardiac rehab. “Every patient discharged from the hospital with a heart condition should be referred to a cardiac rehab program,” said Grace in Hospital News March 19. “Cardiac rehab is a key component of the continuum of cardiac care. We shouldn’t just discharge patients from the hospital without ensuring there is a link to these proven rehab services to support patients in their recovery.” Read full story.