Farmers’ lack of bees might be solved by going wild

Laurence Packer, who studies wild bees at York University in Toronto and wasn’t involved with the new report, praised the work for its breadth and geographical scope. The findings are important and should be taken seriously, he said. “Honeybees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be,” Packer said. “Other bees are far more important than people thought,” he said in the Los Angeles Times Feb. 28. Read full story.

Strict enforcement of Assisted Human Reproduction Act is a backward step
The moral high ground of the act’s ban on payment differs substantially from the realities of surrogate mothers, who may desire compensation for the significant toll that being pregnant takes on their bodies, their time, and the lives of their families. And the families that surrogates help often want to compensate them. For Canadians needing a surrogate mother, there are few alternatives to paying someone, co-wrote Alana Cattapan, a PhD candidate in political science at York University, in the opinion section of the Toronto Star March 1. Read full story.