Budget should aim to even out provincial taxes, services

“One of the key challenges of the upcoming budget season will be to counter the trend toward very different levels of public and social services and taxes across the country,” wrote York University Packer Professor of Social Justice Andrew Jackson in The Globe and Mail Feb. 20. “Canada is one of the most decentralized federations in the world. Public services (notably health, education at all levels and social services, such as elder care) are delivered and financed primarily by the provincial governments whose fiscal capacity varies greatly.” Read full story.

How technology is disrupting learning
“Technology is unleashing powerful new ways to teach and stimulate the brains of those learning. With digital education, educators need to open their minds to alternatives when it comes to teaching, learning and assessment,” wrote Paul Barter, adjunct professor of technology strategy at York’s Schulich School of Business, in the Huffington Post Feb. 19. “Digital education options have the potential to be part of the education mix that will enable us to stay current and adapt to new opportunities in the transforming job market.” Read full story.