Get your woolies ready, National Sweater Day is Feb. 7

POSTERsweater_dayGot a favourite sweater? How about that special sweater with the map of your birthplace that granny made for you?

You can show off your most loved (or tolerated) cardigans and pullovers during York University’s celebration of Sweater Day this Thursday (Feb. 7).

National Sweater Day is dedicated to energy conservation as a way to combat climate change. Consider wearing any sweater on National Sweater day and lower the heat in your home or office by 2°C to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. National Sweater Day organizers say that if we all did this we could reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions to four megatons!

Come by Vari Hall at 12:30pm and enter York University’s inaugural Ugly Sweater Competition! Wear your ugliest or gaudiest sweater you can find and win prizes! The competition is open to all students, staff and faculty. If you cannot (or will not) drop by Vari Hall, there will also be a prize for best sweater photo e-mailed to The deadline for photos is 4:30pm on Friday, Feb. 8.

For more information about getting involved with sustainability at York University, visit York U’s Sustainability webpage.