Learn more about fair trade this Wednesday

Fair trade

Are you interested in learning more about fair trade?

York University’s annual Fair Trade Fair is being held on Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 10:30am to 3:30pm. Come by the East Bear pit in Central Square and sample some fair trade products. While you’re there, why not take the opportunity to speak to the vendors and the clubs present to learn more about how you can get involved?

This year, the fair will showcase numerous fair trade vendors selling sustainable products that include handmade arts and crafts, clothing, coffee and chocolate. This event is for all students, faculty and staff to learn more about what it means to be “fair trade”.

Fairtrade Coffee beans being sorted and pulped by workers and volunteers, on an organic, fair-trade, shade-grown coffee plantation in Guatemala. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Are you wondering what is actually being done about fair trade on campus?

York University offers Las Nubes coffee that is fair trade, organic and shade grown. Numerous food locations across campus sell Las Nubes and Rainforest Alliance tea.

Come show your support for fair trade and find out how to become an active member of the York community. Questions? Contact sustainability@yorku.ca for more information about the fair and York University’s ongoing sustainability initiatives.