The complexities of autism spectrum disorder

Two years ago, one out of 150 children were diagnosed with some form of autism spectrum disorder. That figure is now one out of 88. Researchers say one possibility for the jump in the number of diagnoses is that more children are being screened. In CTV News Dec. 12, psychologist and autism researcher at York University Dr. James Bebko said, “Some [researchers] suggest that it accounts for about two thirds of the increase and that there may be other variables like environmental variables.” Read full story.

Making sure you get client feedback
Giving a client a sense of security, letting them know you respect their decisions and are flexible about making changes will go a long way to launching into a candid conversation, said Alan Middleton, executive director with York’s Schulich Executive Education Centre, in Investment Executive Dec. 12. “One of the clear social trends across any economic sector is the need to feel in charge and in control of what we are doing.” Read full story.