VPRI releases report by external review committee on York’s Organized Research Unit landscape

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The committee that conducted an external review on the Organized Research Unit (ORU) landscape at York University in June 2012 has submitted its report.

The report highlights 23 recommendations on how the University can enhance the structures of its ORUs as they continue to strengthen and further develop their research profiles.

Recognizing the contribution that ORUs make toward building the York University’s national and international reputation for leadership in research, the external reviewers were asked to meet with members of the York community, seek feedback on the structure of ORUs and the mechanisms that make them effective and explore opportunities for headshot of Robert Hachecontinuous improvement.

“I am pleased to share the report of the external review committee on York’s ORU landscape with the York community,” said Robert Haché (left), York vice-president research & innovation. “The recommendations in the report will help provide a base to further develop and support our ORUs as we work towards continuing to build their research profiles and realizing our goal of becoming a more recognized research intensive University.”

The reviewers addressed high level questions and provided several recommendations for enhancements that would optimally position ORUs for success, including areas such as: the scope and diversity of the ORU landscape, engaged research and membership, governance, administrative support, optimizing ORU spaces and enhancing support for ORU director leadership.

The recommendations in the report also highlighted the importance of synergy between York’s ORUs and institutional and Faculty strategic research plans, the need to provide for new opportunities in emerging fields, and the opportunity for the Office of the VPRI and the deans of Faculties to establish a common level of support for ORUs.

The external reviewers who compiled the report are: Yvonne Lefebvre, vice-president research at Providence Healthcare and associate dean research in Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia; Wayne McCready, director of the Calgary Institute for the Humanities at the University of Calgary; and George Pavlich, professor of law & sociology and associate vice-president research at the University of Alberta.

Over the coming weeks the vice-president research & innovation will be discussing the report with the ORU community, Faculties and others, and working toward a plan for implementing the recommendations.

To view the complete report, click here.

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