Front entrance to the West Office Building closed

Pan Am stadium

Pan Am stadiumDue to ongoing construction to prepare the site for the Pan Am stadium, the front (east) doors of the West Office Building (WOB) have been closed. The closure will last for the remainder of the construction project. Access to the building is limited to the back (west) entrance. Pedestrians are asked to follow the posted signs that show the detour.

Click here to download a large format PDF of the map that shows designated pedestrian routes. 

In the event of an emergency, community members in WOB should follow posted signs showing the north, south and west emergency exits. The east doors will remain accessible for fire and emergency personnel.

Questions or concerns should be directed by phone to Ron Ogata, manager of renovations, Campus Services & Business Operation, at ext. 5822, or Cameron Johnston, project assistant, at ext. 44231.